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Our print managed services and copiers are perfect for lawyers

Many industries and memos now encourage people to think about whether they really need to print an email – some people even have email sign offs saying “Think about the environment: do you really need to print this?”

The answer, for several professions, remains “yes”.

As much as electronic records are fashionable and an easy way to keep data, many industries still desire or require a printed copy of documents.

It is particularly the case when you need to keep records for legal purposes and lawyers are for ever having to print items in the course of their work.

It is all very well keeping rules, laws and regulations in the Cloud or on your computer, but there are certain places where you cannot access those things, such as in courts where all evidence must be in paper form. Anything held electronically could also be hacked – look at TalkTalk last week – and potentially altered as well as misused.

The legal profession in particular has to operate in a fashion which dots the “I”s and crosses the “t”s. It has to be meticulous and accurate. Legal cases hang on crucial details, which you neither want to lose or have altered.

Therefore they need to have a physical – as well as electronic – back up. We provide many professional services with photocopier machines which also act as printers, as part of a print managed service and or document solutions. This helps manage a company’s document output to objectives such as cutting costs, being more efficient or reducing the IT support workload.

When you enquire about a photocopier, we will assess your needs and help you to decide which of the machines from various manufacturers, such as Ricoh, Canon or Sharp, would be best for your needs.  We can provide photocopiers which are new or used, whether you want to rent or buy.

So contact us today and together we can work out which photocopier and plan will work for you.

For all your photocopier equipment needs call: 0844 057 0232 or leave your enquiry on our ‘contact us’ page.


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