Trade-In your old office copier or printer

Tired of your photocopier or printer breaking down, print quality not up to scratch, office printing costing the earth?



Colour is affordable with our photocopiers

Colour, more than ever, plays a key part in our printing output, whether straight from our emails or when photocopying information.



Swap your collection of desk printers for one multi-function device

Are you a procurement manager of a large office tearing your hair out at the sight of a succession of staff with personal printers at the end of their desks? Do the succession of expenses claims for replacement ink cartridges for these individual desktop printers drive you mad?



Photocopier machines can still include the ability to fax

People today require their photocopier to do so much more than just copy paper – they require a fully multi-functional device.



Our print managed services and copiers are perfect for lawyers

Many industries and memos now encourage people to think about whether they really need to print an email – some people even have email sign offs saying “Think about the environment: do you really need to print this?” The answer, for several professions, remains “yes”.



Proactive client management of your photocopying needs

Our managed document service is offered to optimise or manage a company’s document output to your objectives.



We are a trusted national photocopier supplier

At New and Used Photocopiers, we are a trusted national supplier. Our business is founded on 20 years of industry experience working alongside all the major manufacturers.


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We supply photocopiers from many brands that you know and love.