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Swap your collection of desk printers for one multi-function device

Are you a procurement manager of a large office tearing your hair out at the sight of a succession of staff with personal printers at the end of their desks?

Do the succession of expenses claims for replacement ink cartridges for these individual desktop printers drive you mad?

Don’t you yearn for a more efficient way to run this type of office equipment?

Having lots of different printers – probably of many ages and makes - scattered around the office, must also be a nightmare for your IT department.

So let New & Used Photocopiers solve these two headaches at once!

We can centralise all your printing, photocopying, scanning and even faxing needs with one multi-function device.

This can be on a pay per click contract, which will give you a fixed monthly price and security over your costs, which include all toner and maintenance needs of the machine.

For anyone with their own printer saying that they print “confidential” documents, we can provide additional solutions that integrate with the hardware of the multi-functional machines. This will require users to enter a PIN at the time of printing, ensuring that documents are not left lying on the printer unattended.

So, whether you want a new photocopier or a used machine, our many years’ of experience gives us the ability to supply a wide range of machines from manufacturers such as Ricoh, Canon and Sharp.

Whatever your requirements, our sales team will be happy to take your call. Telephone us on 0844 0570232 or leave a message on our contact us page.



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