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Estate agents: We can help you pick the best copier to reflect your logo

We have worked alongside estate agents for many years and understand the importance of good quality property details and the impact they can have on the success of the business.

Like in many organisations, the corporate brand and consistency of image is portrayed in the information directly handed and presented to the client. Print quality and the precise reproduction of the logo and corporate colours is paramount. Ultimately this becomes the face of the business when the salesman is no longer present.

With many manufactures’ products available in the managed print market, it can be confusing when picking a solution that best suits your business. It might surprise you, however each manufacture’s products interpret certain colours differently, meaning that the red you like might not be available or easily reproduced on a Canon, XEROX or Ricoh device.

Other considerations include:

  • Edge to edge printing
  • The ability to handle heavy paper weights
  • Fast reliable technology
  • Enhanced Service Level Agreement suitable for working hours

Naturally, the recommendations we provide are based on your requirement rather than being restricted by make and model. We pride ourselves on being a best of breed provider of products and services…the one size fits all approach is restrictive and prohibitive for the end user.

Whatever your requirements, contact us on 0844 0570232 or via our contacts page and one of our senior consultants will be happy to help.

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