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Photocopier machines can still include the ability to fax

People today require their photocopier to do so much more than just copy paper – they require a fully multi-functional device.

What does that mean? This is an office machine that will allow you to photocopy, scan in documents and email them, or print documents sent directly from your computer, as well as the option to upload from a memory stick.

Some of these multi-functional machines can also be used as a fax machine, a method of communication which is far from dead.

Yes, it might sound old fashioned, but sending documents by facsimile is still a requirement and in some places a necessity. According to one blog, there are still 100 million fax devices in use today.

This is a worldwide figure and you might think that this system of communication is outdated in the United Kingdom. In many cases, the printed document from a fax is still regarded as more of a legally binding document than one sent via email. It is still a physical, hard copy. You as a sender also receive a print out to say they have received the document, unlike an email when, even if you request a reader receipt, it can be ignored.

We in Britain are also lucky that the vast majority of places have a stable, secure and reliable internet access, so we can send a lot of documents via email. This may not be the case across the world, where many places without internet will at least have a phone line, so they might have the option of receiving a fax.

Hollywood industry employees even returned to the fax as a form of communication after the Sony Hack data breach.

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